"Discover The Quickest And Easiest Way To A
Voluntary Benefits Revenue Stream:

With Immediate Access To The Knowledge, Systems &
You Need To Be A Worksite Production Leader!"

Read on to discover how the Workplace Benefit Association's Membership DASHBOARD will take you by the hand and smooth the path to your very own PROFITABLE and SIGNIFICANT voluntary benefits business practice in the shortest time possible.

Dear Benefits Sales Professional,

Creating a voluntary benefits revenue stream is a smart move. It takes the red-hot proven concept of employee funded payroll deduction plans and puts the momentum of these types of plans into an employee benefits business model on steroids.

Why offer only the same services as other benefits brokers? Instead you can distinguish yourself with services and skills your competitors don't offer and be the successful owner of a thriving benefits agency with a profitable block of business that is enrolled not just once, but each and every year.

And that's because you've cracked the essential code of marketing - you've separated yourself from the herd with a unique value proposition. And here's the best part...  your commissions and renewals are not subject to a broker of record letter!

And, once it's up and running, it can be put on semi-autopilot, yet capable of providing you with a full time - and largely predictable - income, hedged from regulation and sheltered from competition.

And it is this ability to enjoy a regular, predictable income from renewals and reenrollments (plus the frequent big pay day from new accounts) that empowers you to have the income and freedom to do what you want.

You will be off the treadmill for good because you will finally master those three things standing between you and all your dreams.

Knowledge - Systems - Relationships

Because this is where your agency transformation begins!  
There are people enjoying substantial incomes proving there is money - BIG money - to be made with voluntary employee benefit plans... except for those three big barriers (knowledge - systems - relationships) standing between you and your fortune.

Not that there isn't any information out there. There's plenty.  

But it ranges from material so off mark to what you really need, or so incomplete in perspective, that it isn't much more than a bolt of lightning; potentially powerful, but almost impossible to harness.

What you need is a complete solution; something that will get you in the worksite marketing game next week, or even tomorrow.

You can be product driven, but that will only get you what you have gotten in the past. But if you want your income to prosper and grow, then doing what you’ve always done, and what most others do, will not get you past those limitations.  To make it big you have to think differently from the masses; act differently from the crowd.

Answers to real employer and employee pain points with innovative solutions and communication has to be your norm. Unless you are able to be meaningful and exceptional, it won't be very long before your market base has disappeared with even your existing customers having jumped ship!

And you'll certainly want to add services that ramp up client loyalty and include the extras in your offer that slam the door on your competition.


A Special Note To Agency Owners

If you sell your agency in the future, what multiple of earnings will you ask for? 3X? 5X? 8X?

What if you multiplied that number by $100,000.00, $250,000.00 or more of voluntary benefit commissions?

A substantial number of accounts that have your agency positioned as the provider of a menu of voluntary insurance products for employees is not going to hurt the value being purchased. Especially since this type of business is less prone to takeover and for the most part not subject to broker-of-record letters.

In the meantime, you will be locking out the competition and hedging potential healthcare regulation, all while earning more revenues and a providing more service.

A supplemental voluntary benefits revenue stream will hedge future healthcare reform
and multiply the value of your agency!!

What really rubs salt into the wound is the undeniable fact that - as knowledgeable as some may be about product and as clever as some may be at recruiting agents – many have never opened a group or sold a policy themselves. This is not a criticism, but let's be honest, it does hinder their ability to train and explain to you - in simple, plain English - how to actually sell their coverage. So, you're stuck between a rock of no sales training and a hard place of false prophets.

And all the time, that worksite marketing goldmine is out there... waiting for you to start mining it. So tantalizingly close - yet as far away as ever.

There has to be a better way

There is. And it's obvious, really... you simply need a guide. People who have been there, fought the battle, emerged triumphant and are now perfectly placed to help you avoid all the pitfalls and put you firmly on the fast track to successful results. Oh yes, and someone who can explain what you need to know in a format that works.

My name is Walter Bernard Podgurski and if you've already dipped your toe into the voluntary benefits marketplace, be assured I know exactly what you're going through. You see, my first attempts at selling voluntary benefits were at the side of some smart people that were capable of showing me how.

It was still stressful, up & down, heartbreaking at times - but also packed full of priceless experience, and relationships you can now use to zoom straight to success.

12 years ago I started a Membership site which I named N.A.P.E.S; the (National Association Of Professional Enrollment Specialists). That was after qualifying for convention and President’s Club for one of the largest worksite marketing companies at every field level: Sales Associate, District Manager, Regional Manager, and State Manager. I won many trips in the U.S. and even to Rome, Bermuda and Hong Kong.

I changed the name from N.A.P.E.S. to the Benefits Marketing Association and then a few years ago to its current name, the Workplace Benefits Association.

In the field I received some very good training which was crucial, but even that couldn’t compare to what I have learned from my association with some of the very best in the industry the last 12 years through their affiliation with the Workplace Benefits Association.

Many of the ideas and concepts and programs you will have access to are the best ideas I have gleaned from the most successful companies and the biggest producers in this niche. They have been my instructor and I want to offer the best of what they know to you as well.

Initially I wrote a 300-page book on the subject which is published by a very large insurance publisher. I started a magazine as well but switched to online as a more cost-effective and efficient delivery method. But finally I now have the technology tools to satisfy me from a communication perspective.

Now the confluence of video-on-demand combined
with powerful communication software has put into
motion a reset of our entire association structure!

Here is a tiny sample of what you get when you become a Member of the Workplace Benefits Association.

  • The keys to success - finding the right knowledge, systems, and relationships for you, - Success leaves traces and the path to reaching your goals will be clearly marked out for you.
  • Slash your learning curve in half, or more – Why go through the pitfalls of trial and error when you can save a truckload of time and neatly side-step the landmines and no hope solutions before you start by joining the Workplace Benefits Association.
  • The vital art of picking the best systems and relationships for your practice.- Here's where the rubber hits the road and what you need to implement a master plan with the right strategic partners who will be clearly laid out for you.
  • Learning new skills was never easier! – Some reports say we learn fastest and retain up to 77% more by watching video  and everything you need to know is being converted to short-burst on-demand video to help you learn quickly with greater retention.
  • Master the art of opening new accounts. - Once you learn how to prospect and open new accounts for yourself, everything is going to get easier for you and nobody knows more about this important area than some of our seasoned Members who have unselfishly given of their knowledge and experience.
  • Free forms and scripts that crystallize the process and procedures- You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you only have to utilize what is provided to you or customize our materials to your own specifications.
  • Newbie or sage? Either way, you'll be very comfortable here.- The content is equally useful for the rookie or the pro. Great content will translate to great results regardless of your level of experience.
  • The #1 problem is solved and your permanent headache cured.- A to Z, turnkey. Everything is laid out for you to set into action. No false starts or wrong trails. You can sit at your computer, look at the dashboard, see where your challenges are, and review the solutions. Then you can turn them into action that will gain new clients and increase revenue.
  • Tips and tricks designed to keep you ahead of your competition.There are little tweaks that can have a gigantic effect and they are shared and sprinkled throughout the videos. Here's just one quick example. We tell you how to practically guarantee board approval from any organization or association.
  • Avoid wasting precious time on research. Your time is valuable and searching is wasteful if you don’t need to. Even worse is bad information, incomplete information, or information that doesn’t apply to what you do. Belonging to the Workplace Benefits Association is the efficient and cost-effective way to get this information. A laser-beam focus on tools and techniques that lead to success.

I can guess what you're thinking

You're beginning to understand the sheer value of having an experienced group of people guide you through your voluntary benefits practice development. But you are wondering how much it will cost you to become a Member.

I'm going to make your day, because I'm going to show you how you can enjoy using what I firmly believe is the very best time-tested, field-proven and battle-hardened Membership site available in the voluntary benefits industry including many hours of video tutorials, articles, tips and information via the Member's Forum that won't cost you a king's ransom. But, first, let me make this very clear.


You Risk Nothing Here!

But what you stand to gain is mind boggling.

Because - at a stroke - all your questions about building a successful worksite marketing benefits practice are going to disappear. You see, there's no risk at all for you, because you have my personal guarantee that if you are in any way disappointed with the Workplace Benefits Association and feel it isn't a priceless addition to your voluntary benefits practice, you can simply send me an e-mail within 30 days and you'll get an immediate and full refund of your annual subscription. And we'll remain good friends with no worries. Fair enough? And what's more... this offer is an
unconditional, no-quibble money back guarantee.

So, the only way you can actually lose on this is to click away from this offer and carry on trying to figure it all out for yourself. And then you'll really lose out big time, because I'm offering you all the insider secrets top worksite marketing experts reveal and you'll LOVE this...

As Soon As You Join As A Member, I'll Put $1,732.00 In Your Account Immediately.

Membership Dashboard

Your Membership Dashboard is the foundation of your membership.

A place where you can access all the information and programs available to you at your fingertips, categorized and broken down into small segments so you can bore down to what you are looking for instantly.

Every bit of content we have has been subdivided and is in the process of being converted to what we call "Concise Video" allowing you to bore in on the links that tell you exactly what you want to know, when you want to know it.

You will have access to everything on our Membership Dashboard immediately upon enrollment as a Member of the Workplace Benefit Association; a value you can't find anywhere else at any price, and our annual price is only $99.00.

But That Is Only The Start, Because You
Will Also Receive 7 Additional Bonuses

Bonus #1 - $10,000.00 100-Point Planning Checklist

I call the checklists below the "$10,000.00 100-Point Checklist" because I put a value of at least a $10,000.00 increase in annual income on the process of benchmarking a voluntary benefits business practice against these best practices.

There are certain activities that all successful people in the same industry niche do. This list of those attributes provides you a benchmark to compare your business model against the best the industry has to offer.

That is why we developed a checklist for you to download and check off in a sequential order.

This checklist allows a person to approach their marketing challenges with a plan and the knowledge of where to find the right solutions for each phase of their sales sequence. You can't buy this, it is only available as part of your Workplace Benefits Association Membership. But if we did sell it, you can be sure that we would ask at least $299.00.


Communication is everything, it can't be overstated; and some are better at it than others, especially when it comes to written communications.

That is why we have gathered the most effective letters from our most successful Members and bundled them into a library that you can use in your written communications: either as a letter, an e-mail, or a report. This type of letter library is normally sold for a minimum of $99.00, but it is included as part of your Membership.


The Internet is now the epicenter of your marketing, or soon will be if it isn't already.

I have spent a great deal of time in 2009 writing a book that I intend to publish in 2010. The title will be "Sales Epicenter."

Sales Epicenter refers to the seismic shift in your sales and marketing from the briefcase or countertop to the Internet.

You see, everything I've shared with you up to now is great stuff, but in 2010, we all need to be better. A discussion today on prospecting, for example, without including the Internet in that discussion, is radically incomplete.

Very few of us learned how to use the Internet to market in college because they didn't teach it when we were there.

How is it that we are supposed to learn about SEO, PPC, HTML, PHP or the hundred other things we need to know to successfully implement the tremendous power of the Internet into our marketing activity?

You may not need to know about all of these things, but what if there were a way to learn just what you needed to know about using the Internet to market your products and services?

When you join the Workplace Benefits Association, you are going to have access to a special website that explains how to move much of your business online. We will explain in great detail how to dominate Internet Marketing in the WORKPLACE BENEFITS / WORKSITE MARKETING NICHE in your geographic area.

Yes, I said dominate, because on a local level you can do it, and it isn't that hard or even expensive (most of the tools and techniques are free). You just need to know what to do and how to do it.

You may not recognize right now how huge bonus #4 is, but one year from now you will look back and see how key your Internet Marketing activities have become to your business, and wonder why you waited so long to move in this area, and be very thankful you finally did.

I personally pay $500.00 a month to be in an Internet Marketing Membership site that helps me learn the things I need to know and meet the people I need to meet. It has been worth every penny so far. The type of information you will find at Move Online Now .Com is easily worth $49.00 per month by itself, but it will be included in your Workplace Benefits Association Membership.

But we aren't through: we aren't even close to being through.
However, if you are ready to access this information now, you can
enroll right now. Just visit our Membership Enrollment Form.

  Bonus #4 - "Double Your Voluntary Benefits Revenue Stream"

And there's more...

This is one of my personal favorites.

As part of your Membership you will receive in the mail a $49.00 publication not available anywhere else; “Double Your Voluntary Benefits Revenue Stream” with an added bonus of “200 Power Thoughts & Scripts For Quantum-Leap Performance Results”

I wrote this 50 page pamphlet last year after asking myself "what is the most important information a worksite marketing producer needs to know to consistently produce a substantial amount of new premium?"

The process took me back to my roots when one of my mentors by the name of Charlie Abel made me believe that if I would internalize his worksite marketing training material word-for-word, that I would be successful, and looking back, he was absolutely correct.

Subjects include:

1)       How to “get in” to see the employer.

2)       What motivates an employer to say “yes.”

3)       The “perfect” product menu.

4)       How to drastically improve on the “employee survey.”


5)       How to “guarantee” Board Approval.

6)       A “flawless” opening statement.

7)       How to have the enrollment “your way.”

8)       A textbook perfect enrollment plan.

9)       Do this and dealing with the Department Head will be painless.

10)   Avoiding the most common “fatal mistake” in individual enrollments.

11)   The “critical factor” in group presentations.

12)   Why “piggybacking” and “ambassador” should mean something to you.

13)   A 5-year plan for ending the necessity of “prospecting.”

14)   A voluntary whole-life insurance story that wins approval.

15)   The “one thing” you must do if you are asking for referred leads.

16)   It’s the benefits, salesperson.

17)   Evidence, testimony, verification and proof.

18)   Morphing objections into questions.

19)   The hide of a “hippo.”

20)   Your worst enemy is...


There are some producers in the voluntary benefits industry that have been very, very successful by anybody's definition of success. By producer I am talking about the real rain-makers that make insurance applications happen for their organizations in very large numbers. They tend to be the kind of people who are unselfishly willing to share their knowledge and experience with others to make the path for those following a little easier.

What would it be worth to sit down with one of these individuals 4 times a year and get inside their head and learn how they think, what they think, what they do, and how they do it?

If you opened just one or two additional accounts per year with the information you gained, how much would the value of your Membership be? What if you were able to open several new accounts?

Every calendar quarter we will profile a "WORKSITE ROCKSTAR" with in-depth interviews and share what works for them delivered via multiple content; video, audio, and text.

In addition, we will gather questions from Members and one month after posting the profile, we will host a tele-seminar where all the questions asked by Members are answered by our WORKSITE ROCKSTAR. These will be recorded and available for you to download as an mp3 file so you can listen to it over and over again on your desktop, mp3 player, or mobile phone.

This mean you will be exposed to the giants of the industry eight times a year, and yes, we absolutely believe some of their success can rub off on you if you fully engage with the content.

Make a $99.00 Decision That Could Change Everything
($99.00 Per Year, Not Per Month!!)

Join the Workplace Benefits Association now and engage with the content and programs and other industry leaders. We will work from our end to make sure your ROI is high! But you have to take the first step, which has absolutely zero risk because of our 30-day guarantee; that if for any reason, or no reason, you want to cancel your Membership, we will return your $99.00 in full.

Here is the link to the registration form so you can get started immediately

Total Value So Far

Membership Dashboard $97.00
$10,000.00 100-Point Planning Checklists $299.00
Letter Library $99.00
Move Online Now Membership $588.00
"Double Your Voluntary Benefits Revenue Stream" $49.00
"Worksite Rockstar" Access $600.00
Total Value $1,732..00

I say "so far" because being a Workplace Benefits Association Member opens the door to another entire platform of products
and services that will aid you in your job performance.

If you still aren't convinced that products and services
worth $1,732.00 is enough value, without even considering
what additional new accounts and employee sales will
result, then I have one more thing to add.

Bonus #6 - Workplace Affinity

The Workplace Affinity platform puts you in the same
league as the biggest entities in the marketplace.

Your Membership in the Workplace Benefits Association gives you access to the "Workplace Affinity" website that has a menu of products and services you can offer your employer accounts. These are the kind of products and services that help open new accounts and strengthen relationships with existing accounts.

Products are how the big money is made, but it's services that get's you in the door many times, and retains your clients year after year.

As a Member of the Workplace Benefits Association, you are going to have access to services that magically open doors to new accounts and relationships.

  Click Here To Be Admitted To Workplace Affinity

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