What does transparency in health care mean?

August 18, 2011

According to Wikipedia, the word transparency implies openness, communication and accountability . . . performing in such a way that it is easy to see what’s wrong. Sounds like our health care system, doesn’t it? Not really and that’s where enormous opportunity exists to “fix” healthcare.

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Posted by: Osbaldo J | September 11, 2012 4:24 AM

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Posted by: bbcons b | July 4, 2012 6:46 AM

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Posted by: james k | June 8, 2012 8:50 PM

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Mark, I agree with your assertion that we should all be better "consumers" of healthcare and today the healthcare system is not consumer friendly at all. When you think of the problem you outlined, with the providers and carriers negotiating their own rates for procedures - all differently, and the patients are in the dark. Healthcare pricing transparency should be the norm and it is not. However, in the large company area, 85% are self insured and own their own claims data. It is that very data, that large companies should be willing to share with their employees to help them be true consumers. This is especially true as more and more folks turn to high deductable plans. My experience over the past six months is that large companies don't want the claims data to be used as "information" to benefit their employees. I'm hoping that will change in the future.

Posted by: Lee W | August 18, 2011 1:29 PM

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